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Top priorities for website improvement for

  • Resolve the validation errors that are listed in the table below. These errors are preventing this website from being fully W3C compliant.
  • Consider a leading website analytics solution, such as WebTrends or Google Analytics.
  • Encourage sharing of your content with social media buttons on articles and pages of your website. The amount of social activity a website should have depends very much on the type of website, its target audience, and how long it has been in operation.


  • None of this website is using any recognised analytics software. It is still possible to gather a great deal of information from webserver logs, however complete visitor analysis requires client-side Javascript or an image not found here. Show recommendations
  • Note that this test can only detect recognised analytics solutions. If an analytics solution is new, obscure or used in a non-standard way (e.g. it has been customised) it may not be detected.

Code quality

  • A total of 22 errors and 7 warnings were found on the 5 pages tested.
  • No pages are W3C compliant. Because there are errors in the code, some web browsers may not be able to read this website correctly and it may not always display correctly. Show recommendations
  • All of the tested pages appear to use semantic HTML. This is excellent.
  • None of the tested pages of this site use tables for layout. This is excellent, as using tables for layout is not necessary and they should only contain tabular data. A well built website should use div elements and CSS to create the desired layout.

Facebook page

  • This website was found to link to the Facebook page with 42 likes. Show recommendations


  • This website was found to link the Twitter account (@Form_com).
  • This website's Twitter account has made 42 tweets to 16 followers. Show recommendations

Google+ page

  • This website was found to link to a Google+ page.
  • This website's Google+ page has 61 +1s and 11 people have this page in their circles. Show recommendations


  • This is the 521,209th most popular website in the world.
  • Over the past 3 months, this website has experienced no measurable change in popularity.
  • This website accounts for 80.8% of the Internet traffic to and its subdomains.

Local presence

  • This website was found in 3 of the directories we tested. Being listed in directories makes it easier for users to find this website. Show recommendations

Listed in directories

Facebook Logo
Facebook, 161 Forbes Road Braintree MA 02184, 781-849-8118.
Google Logo
Google+ Local
Ny Form A/S, 8, Petersmindevej, Kolding, 6000, Denmark, +45 75 50 59 84.
Yelp Logo
Ny-Form, Kolding, Langelinie Allé 8, København, 2100, DK, +4535425984.

Missing from directories

No information here.

Social interest

  • We found 162 Tweets, 109 Facebook likes and 62 Google +1s for the 5 pages we tested. Show recommendations

Amount of content

  • This website has an average of 482 words per page. The amount of content on a website has been shown to correlate with its search engine ranking. Show recommendations

Meta tags

This is how this website will look in Google search listings:

Electronic Forms Software | Enterprise Form Application -

Enterprise forms software platform for web, mobile and offline business processes. Advanced forms software technology for automating enterprise operations

  • All pages include at least some metadata, but only 80.0% of pages have a description meta tag. The description meta data is important as it appears on Google's search result pages. Show recommendations


absolute all-in-one applications automate automation building business challenges changing cloud collaboration content corporate data-driven deploying drive end-to-end enhance enterprise featured field form-based forms front improving inspections integration manual mobile mobility musts offers offline online operations platform portals process productivity reinventing related request service software solutions solve streamline study synchronize tasks transform trial without workflow

  • All pages were found to use defined headings. This is excellent as it allows visitors and search engines to summarize the content of webpages quickly. Correctly defined headings aid accessibility and are particularly important for search engine optimization.
  • Some pages did not define headings correctly. The H1 tag should be used for the most top-level heading, with H2 being used for sub-headings and H3 for further sub-headings and so-on. Not conforming to this convention may confuse visitors. Show recommendations

Server behavior

  • This website handles missing pages correctly by sending a 404 HTTP status code.
  • This website was served with GZIP encoding. This is very good because it reduces the loading time of a web page.
  • One page of this website returns page content with or without a trailing slash on its URL. Search engines might see these as separate pages with duplicate content which they could penalise for. Show recommendations
  • 3 of the pages of this website return page content with or without a trailing slash on their URLs, but they use a canonical tag to denote the correct version. This is ideal, as search engines will know which version to index.
  • This website follows the best practice of using a permanent (HTTP 301) redirect from to This is ideal.

Internal links

  • One link has no text describing its destination. Links on a page should describe their destination for the benefit of both screen readers and search engine spiders. Show recommendations


Mobile screenshot of
Tablet screenshot of
  • All of this website appears to be optimised for viewing on a mobile phone or a tablet.

Inoffensive content

  • None of the pages tested will be blocked by filtering systems.

Page titles

  • All pages were found to use page titles appropriately. Page titles appear in search results and at the top of the browser's window when visiting the site. Appropriate page titles are particularly important for search engine optimization.

Incoming links

  • There are 467 pages on other websites linking to this website .
  • It looks like that there are 80 websites linking to this website. Please note that this does not imply that there are definitely 80 unique websites as we might have counted sites with sub domains as two different sites


  • No images have defined sizes. Show recommendations


  • All pages of this website appear to be optimized for printing (using CSS).

URL format

  • This website uses appropriate web addresses (URLs) throughout. This is excellent and will help search engine placement, usability and the marketability of this website.

Domain age

  • The domain name was registered on Thursday, July 27, 1995. Because this domain was registered a long time ago, it is likely that pages on this website will appear higher in search engine rankings than those from younger websites.


  • It looks like this website was last updated on Wednesday, October 29, 2014. This is good because visitors perceive up-to-date websites as more credible. Websites that are updated regularly are also spidered by search engines more often.
  • To find this information we used the last modified dates reported by this website's server in addition to looking for dates written on each page.


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